Profession First

The Vision

  • To be the thought leader for Profession & Architectural Education, its voice for policy change and its guardianĀ for effective implementation.

The Mission

  • To carry forward the institute’s vision and participate in development of our nation.

The Agenda

  1. Restructure IIA to be more “Member Responsive”.
  2. Position IIA as the “Official” voice of architects in society.
  3. Develop IIA as a “Pressure Group” to curb professional malpractices to protect member interests.
  4. Standardize “Architectural Service Delivery” for its member.
  5. Re-establish the rights of IIA members (by examination) to enable them to get registeration as Architects.
  6. Promote IIA as a “gateway” to international exposure for its members.
  7. Take steps to carve a bigger role for architects in the building industry.